White Sky

Finding meaning in a confused place.

On the way to Luna Park!  (Taken with Instagram) View high resolution

On the way to Luna Park! (Taken with Instagram)

Valuable lesson.

Listen to yourself.

I will never forget that now. Each little ‘spark’ of idea or feeling that envelopes our conscience, even if it lasts for 3 seconds, is extremely important. 

I learnt to listen to mine. It was lingering for about 2 weeks. This wierd feeling. In fact, it wasn’t a feeling. It was more of a foreshadowed sensation. 

And here it is now. It was sketched in to reality.

Listen to yourself. 

when applying to performing arts institutions and they ask you “why do you want to have a career in this industry?” I wish I could just take my heart out and smoosh it into the computer screen and send it off to them as my answer why.
— (via victoria-bombshell)

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No matter what I do.

No matter how hard I try. No matter how happy I can get.

There’s always that thing. Thats not there.

Finding it isn’t easy. And I get this awful feeling that I will spend a long time in pursuit of it. Until the last years, when I realise… I’ve had it all along. 

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